Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Toll Free( Call from any Pay Phone that you find , that works)

1 877 679 4283

Press # 1 to leave a story about the past
Press #2 to talk about the Future

System set up by 31 Down Radio Theater

Opening Day Shots

The last visitors emerge from the belly of the Kitty.

Charles B. Swain (Greene County Minority Historian) makes a visit and talks "Mountain Lions" amongst other things

Rob and pooch at kiosk-bench #2

Rob typing furiously(maybe a near death story) but the typee couldn't keep up

Kara listening to Carmen Borgia

Alex and the Visionary Drawing Building Book

Pat and the music, inside the cat

Bradford, The Pencillina, and Harry performing the "Almost Rain Song"

echo and milo demonstrate the stick chair is great for 2

Heini Aho and Sebastian Ziegler's "Cat face" in the bush...just add water and watch it grow

Charles Rogers tells us about the hunting skill of the Cat and the Egg Building at the Empire Plaza